A Note from the Founders

Matthew Hoo and David O’Brien

Matthew HooGeneral Manager & Co-Founder
It’s a sad occurrence that most people joining a gym won’t end up achieving their results. It’s also true that typical large fitness companies care more about money than members achieving results.

Well I’ve got a theory, if we, your awesome little boutique gym, concentrate on you achieving results as the priority, then a positive club business will take care of itself. That’s what I call good business and a true win/win scenario!

We also want to create a great club to belong to. Something different. Where like-minded people are all experiencing the fitness services and our boutique influences help create an environment unlike any other.
Overall I believe there are plenty of people who would love to become a member of a club that is service focused, non-commercial, and down to earth. Where the PT’s are monitored and educated by the company so standards remain high, and where you have a blend of everything you need for great results in one spot.

We are suited for the beginner or an advanced athlete. But mainly what I expect is for 5EW to far exceed any other facility in terms of positive physical results. But to do that we have to be different. And as someone that recently lost 20kgs of body fat, I know what it takes.

David O'BrienFitness Manager & Co-Founder
One thing has really resonated with me over the last few years, and that is our constant search for a mono therapy to being fit and healthy. Yogi’s, bodybuilders, it seems to be a one-method solution.

Would it not seem more sensible to apply the approach that each method has its obvious benefits, and in fact actually complement each other perfectly?

I have believed for many years now that a more rounded approach is needed in the fitness industry. Is training like a maniac 6 days a week the answer for everyone? For some people it may be. However, we need to stop putting everybody into the same one solution box.

Do some people need to increase lean muscle mass? More than likely! Do some people need to implement stress-reducing measures into their lifestyle? Probably! However, one approach for one particular individual may not be the right approach for another.

We believe balance is the key. Lean muscle increase, stress management, detoxification, nourishing foods, and flexibility help achieve optimal results. Take one of these out, and it seems that something suffers as a consequence. Focus on all combined and optimal health can be achieved.