Liam (L) sat down with Dr Leon Tan (DT), 5EW’s in-house general practitioner, to chat about his role in the business, his philosophy on health and thoughts on the industry. 

L: What would you change about your industry?

D.T: I would like to see more GP’s involved with complementary health practitioners, psychologists and personal trainers to establish a more holistic health model for patients. I am certain this would lead to better outcomes, less reliance on pharmaceuticals and less disease and disability.

L: What’s your favourite thing about your industry?

D.T: My most favourite thing is the time spent with some truly inspiring, amazing and wonderful people. My industry is one made up of health practitioners (Western and Eastern and other), trainers, coaches, mentors and teachers.

L: What are your qualifications?

D.T: I am a medical practitioner who has worked in general practice and clinical teaching for now 20 years. More recently, in 2012, I completed a Masters in Wellness at RMIT and last year I became a member of the Academy of Clinical Teachers at Melbourne University.

L: How did you get started at 5EW?

D.T: I first met Matt (Business Manager and Co-Founder) while working as a GP in Blackburn. We hit it off right away and I was so impressed with his concept and passion for a wellness-gym facility I knew I wanted to be a part of it and contribute in some way.

L: How is 5EW different to other places you’ve worked?

To me, 5EW is an environment that provides a space to facilitate fitness, vitality, strength and wellbeing and is made up with some wonderful, passionate and positive people.  That is something very special indeed.

L: How important do you think it is for someone to get their blood analysed? 

D.T: I believe all individuals should be better informed and active in their health management. Blood work should be based on an individual’s needs, expectations and specific health concerns. Health information, if not provided within an appropriate environment, can create misinformation, confusion and significant anxiety.

L: Can you talk a little bit about your philosophy of health.

D.T: The essence of my view on health is one based on a balanced ‘exchange of energies’ with our environment – for example, with the food we eat, the people in our lives and our activities (exercise, sleep, that other thing). Being mindful, self-aware, kind and positive allows this exchange to flow – I practice this every day – as often as I can.

L: How are you so upbeat all the time?

Near toxic levels of Kombucha home brew. No, I simply enjoy and love my work and I am so grateful for the opportunities I have had in my career to date.


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