As you journey into your yoga practice you’re likely to sometimes feel a bit out of your comfort zone. It’s completely normal and to help you through it I’m sharing the 10 most helpful things I’ve learned along the way.

You don’t need to be flexible –  Yoga is about so much more than flexibility. Here at 5EW, we teach in a way that is suitable for all body types.

What the Om? Yoga is not about standing on your head, it’s teaching you a way of life. While you are trying to touch your toes, listen in as your teacher may be sharing words of wisdom from great yoga masters. The chant of Om at the beginning and end of the class is said to bethe sound of the universe, resetting us to our natural state.

Breathe – Remember to breathe. The breath is a gateway to stillness. Ideally, the breath is slow and steady throughout the class and through this, we come into presence and calm the mind.

Stay mindful – Yoga is a practice where we have a chance to slow down the chatter of the mind, and simply be with ourselves. It is a place to practice acceptance and self-care as we mindfully move the body and connect to the breath.

Practice – It is called a practice for a reason. We all have our limitations, and are ‘perfectly imperfect’. Yoga is a therapeutic practice that invigorates the body and mind and helps to bring about balance. Maintain practice and all will take care of itself.

Stay curious– When we begin yoga we have a beginners mind, which is actually the mindsetall great yogis try to maintain throughout their years of practice. Curiously exploring the poses, feeling how it is to step into the unknown and move in new ways. The beginning of your yoga journey is precious, enjoy it.

There’s always Child’s Pose – This is a safe place, come back here any time you like. Traditionally it is recommended that anytime you notice you are out of breath, to come back to child’s pose and breathe for five or so breaths until you are ready to join in again with a calm and steady breath.

Feel the Flow –With all the poses, remembering to breathe and paying attention to what comes next it can be easy to lose track of what matters most. Yoga is a practice to awaken joy so slow down and feel the joy of stretching, the joy of moving the body and the peaceful bliss that arises at the end of your class.

Pay attention in Downward Dog – This pose is where you learn many of the foundational alignment points that apply to all other poses. Sometimes your yoga teacher will say that this is a pose of rest but don’t’ worry if it doesn’t feel that way just yet, you’re not alone. In time, this pose becomes much easier and extremely relaxing. Promise.

Enjoy Savasana – It might feel like you are just lying there, but this pose is doing so much more. I definitely don’t recommend leaving early or skipping this. Savasana is the most important pose and the whole class is actually designed to support you to have a deep rest. In this pose, your body, mind and soul integrate the benefits of the practice.