“Gen’s Body Has Been Transformed Inside And Out”

Have you been in a calorie deficit and training hard for a while and not getting anywhere? Meet Gen her body has been transformed inside and out!

What’s the cost of pushing our body to the brink? Gen could tell you directly, and she often does. It’s severe neurological problems and a digestive system that ticked every gut ailment you can name! Her answer when faced with these challenges was to drive the body harder, less food and more training. I want to break the news to everyone, we are all different and we have to help according to their individual make up and issues! This is exactly what Dave did with Gen. The end result was better gut health, a far better relationship with food, and now she’s ready to welcome a healthy little baby into the world. Gen dropped a good 5.3% body fat and gained 1.6kg of muscle along the way too. This body is now equipped to handle anything that’s thrown at it!

Gen D’Rozario’s Results:

  • Improved gut health & relationship with food
  • Achieved her long desired physique
  • Welcoming a new baby into the world

“Mark Has The Spirit Of A Teenager
And The Body Of An Athlete”

Are you male? Got midline belly fat? Low testosterone and not enough energy to keep up with the kids!! Mark is about to inspire that inner roar!

Men are set in their ways! They get to over 50 and they figure well I’ve got this far doing what I’ve been doing it’s surely going to get me another 50 years! Except they are most likely a ticking time bomb! Well they could definitely take a leaf out of Mark’s books! Since he was taken under the wing of Dave he has put on a healthy 6 kilos of muscle and looks more ripped than guys in their 20’s! Yet this is not the most impressive facts on Mark! During this journey Mark has found his purpose! With the spirit of a teenager and the body of an athlete we have no doubt he will succeed! Mark puts to the sword the saying ‘you can’t teach an old dog new tricks!’. Clearly Mark has proven you can!!

Mark Kluwer’s Results:

  • Gained 6kg muscle & leaned up
  • 50 year old with spirit of a teenager & the body of an athlete
  • Proved change is always possible
5EW Membership Before and After Mark
5EW Membership Before and After Duane Stagoll

“Duane’s Results Came With A Far Better Added Bonuses”

Meet Duane – A  young guy with underlying gut issues, poor lifestyle habits and had asked a little bit too much of his body, except he turned it all around!

Like many young men Duane had given things a good nudge. The problem is at some point it catches up to us all. For Duane it may have been a little bit earlier than most. However when it happens it still asks the same question of us! What do I do now?

With several gut protocols we’ll clear excess amounts of heavy metals like mercury and we’ll get the internal environment functioning like a well oiled machine.

The result? Better cognition, no gut disruption, greater energy and a drop of 8.8% excess body fat and an input of 6.7kg of muscle! Duane’s results with Dave didn’t come in the designated time frame of 8-12 weeks! Why? Because sometimes more pressing factors take priority. But the results still came and with far better added bonuses!

Duane Stagoll’s Results:

  • Overcame gut issues & aggressive heavy metal detox
  • Dramatically improved cognition & energy
  • Lost 8.8% body fat and gained 6.7kg muscle
  • Lost 8.5% body fat in 12 weeks
  • Fixed frozen shoulder
  • Improved strength
  • No longer has knee pain
  • No lower back disc issues
  • Improved mobility
  • Parasite and bacterial infections gone
  • Moved from vegetarian to high protein & fat diet
  • Less anxiety
  • Lost 11.8% body fat
  • Fron 20kg to 60kg deadlift
  • No longer depressed & medication free
  • Candida and parasite (Blastohominis) gone
  • Body Fat Dropped: 9.3%
  • Lean Muscle Gained: 3.7 kg
  • No more fertility issues – fell pregnant with twins
  • Better stress management
  • Increased calories intake
  • Overall strength gains especially posterior chain

“You’ll never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret to success is found in your daily routine.”

“Tara Developed Strength That Rivaled
Many Of The Guys”

Tara developed strength in strongman exercises that rivaled many of the guys in the gym! Yet it was her gut and eating habits that were the big winner in this experience!

Tara came to 5th Element looking for a better looking body shape! The fact of the matter is she left with a lot more. Whilst working with Dave, Tara grew in all aspects of her everyday life! She overcame ongoing digestive stress, especially in the realms of Candida overgrowth. She overcame her fear of food. She also developed strength that she previously thought was beyond her! As Tara’s health improved so did her confidence. Coming out of her shell more and more. Tara ticked off some body composition goals dropping 8.8% body fat and gaining 7 kilos of muscle!

Tara Hoger’s Results:

  • Solved aggressive digestive stress issues
  • Learned to embrace a positive relationship with food
  • Dropped 8.8% body fat and gained 7kg of muscle
5EW Membership Before and After Tara

“Melissa’s Gut Environment Is Now Much Healthier”

If you think your destiny is already written then just chat to Melissa and she will convince you it most certainly is not!

Your problems seem pretty insignificant when you come across somebody like Melissa. Her symptoms were so bad they simply can’t fit on this blurb. When diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (an autoimmune condition that affects the protective nerve coverings) Melissa knew she wanted to tackle it head-on. Under Dave’s guidance, she initially went from scraping through one training session a week to now training 5 times a week regularly! Melissa struggled with gut issues such as structural damage and bacteria, and her lead levels were off the charts! Her gut environment is now much healthier, and according to recent heavy metal testing, her lead is in the lowest percentile. Melissa practices gratitude after every training session and it’s clear the shackles of her condition are completely unraveling.

Melissa Kiraly’s Results:

  • Overcame multiple sclerosis & now training 5x per week
  • Detoxed huge amount of lead
  • Now practises gratitude everyday

“Richard Had A Mix Of Ingredients For A
Pretty Special Brew”

Have you been using just the same training systems forever? Is it still serving you and are you covering all aspects? Richard took a leap of faith and got his just rewards!

Sometimes to make something special you need ingredients from a few different sources! Richard is an example of this. Coach Joel provided Richard with good strength foundations. Coach Bianca with technique that would have most athletes jealous! With Coach Jack Reid he received a dedication to achieve all goals! Finally with Dave taking care of Richards biochemical imbalances plus underlying gut problems Richard had a mix of ingredients for a pretty special brew! The end result has been a pretty special brew indeed. Putting on a much needed 9.4kg of muscle and dropping 3.4% body fat. Yet it’s with the gut that Richard needed to go through the checklist! Having SIBO, intestinal permeability and multiple pathogenic bacteria! It requires a special brew and a special person to go through multiple gut healing protocols! We definitely got a special person in Rich!

Richard Jeremiah’s Results:

  • Gained 9.4kg of muscle leaning out 3.4%
  • Overcame gut health problems
  • More productive and capable at work
  • Body Fat Dropped: 7.1%
  • Lean Muscle Gained: 3.2 kg
  • No longer suffers from joint pain and medication-free for rheumatoid arthritis
  • No longer depressed
  • Cured anxiety
  • Healed digestive issues and leaky gut
  • Overall strength gains especially posterior chain
  • Body Fat Dropped: 7.3%
  • Improved skin after 8 weeks
  • Joined power lifting competition
  • Body Fat Dropped: 9.9%
  • Lean Muscle Gained: 1.1 kg

“Don’t downgrade your dream just to fit your reality. Upgrade your conviction to match your destiny.”

“Tim’s Lower-back And Shoulder Issues
Were Impacting His Livelihood”

Tim came to 5EW because he was looking for the edge in his physically demanding profession. Dave just focused on the basics, and as a result Tim reaped huge rewards. Some people might be able to pull the band aid off quickly, but with Tim it needed to be nice and slow. There was no need for a strict macro (nutritional) plan, we just put a greater emphasis on good quality food from the earth! We also gave Tim good quality carbohydrates around when he was more insulin sensitive, and let the training do the talking! With the support of basic nutrients like Zinc and Magnesium Tim soon developed into the finest Arborist going! It was Coach Reza and his magic hands that aided Tim’s results the most. Fixing mechanical complications and getting his strength up to more of a Strong+ category! Just like a tree, Tim is hard on the outside and a whole lot of goodness on the inside!

Tim’s Results:

  • Deadlift = Before: 90kg Now: 180kg
  • Squat = Before: 70kg Now: 125kg
  • Weak posterior chain = Now: Strongest link

“Sure Monique Dropped 11.5% Body Fat, But It Was Repairing Her Body That Was The Best Reward”

Every young girl at some stage is going to be lead to believe that the best answer to a better body is going to be to drop your calories to a minuscule amount and exercise to an inch of your life. So whilst we have no doubt that it will elicit a result… the big question lies at what cost? Monique came to 5th Element looking to get her body back on track! With Dave taking control of healing Monique’s body within, Coach Jordan looked to reign it back in with her training. Does this mean she trained less? No, in fact we got her to move more! We encouraged a bit more frequency through gymnastics and movement training, with this promoting better vasodilation (circulation). We used a reverse dieting process to aid Monique’s sex hormones and even more relevant her thyroid, the body started to respond! Monique enjoyed a different energy altogether! She fell in love with food again and most importantly loved herself again.

Monique’s Results:

  • Issues with metabolism now gone
  • Solved poor association with food
  • No more low calorie restriction – successfully revered dieted
5EW Membership Before and After Zena

“Zena Overcame Fertility Issues & Got
Into Incredible Shape”

Are you a woman struggling with PCOS (Polycystic Ovaries)? No menstrual cycle? Concerned that fertility may be a major issue in the future? Zena conquered it all!

When dealing with Zena, we focused on the major underlying problem leading to PCOS – insulin resistance! With the correct nutrient support Zena made massive progress. There was also imbalances in her micro mineral balance, in particular Zinc to Copper ratio. This was creating mood swings. But also micro-nutrient depletion especially in regards to vitamin B6 and Zinc. Once factors like this were restored Zena had a more calm demeanor. At the end she also had body composition results that remain today with 14.5% drop in body fat and lean muscle of up to 9.2kg. If you asked Dave what the most rewarding aspect of watching Zena’s progression it would no doubt be the day she told him she was pregnant! Her little girl Charlie is lucky girl to have a mum like Zena! Patient and determined!

Zena Moussi’s Results:

  • Overcame PCOS – naturally pregnant
  • Improved mood, rediscovered a more calm demeanor
  • Dropped 14.5% body fat gaining 9.2kg
  • Body Fat Dropped: 10.5%
  • Lean Muscle Gained: 7.4 kg
  • Novice powerlifting
  • Participates in Strongman competitions
  • Living pain free
  • Better mental health
  • Improved diet, sleep and energy
  • Body shape and ‘glow’
  • Feeling capable
  • Body Fat Dropped: 7.8%
  • Lean Muscle Gained: 8.1 kg
  • Significantly improved confidence
  • Dramatically stronger and improved mobility
  • No longer eating processed foods
  • Improved athletic performance

“Don’t wait for the right opportunity. Create it.”

“Kylie’s Been Transformed Biochemically,
Emotionally And Physically”

Have you ever found it hard to stick to things? Its a common issue for most! What you need to ask yourself is are things that you’re doing today going to make life better for you in the future? Kylie will be the first one to admit that it was tough for her to stick to a regime. Working with Dave, Kylie uncovered a whole lot of issues that when realigned would allow her to have more self control and better emotional health. Through gut healing protocols to help with a parasite, yeast and intestinal permeability Kylie has managed to maintain far more consistency and discipline than ever before. She has dropped a massive 13.8% body-fat with the added bonus of 3.6kg of muscle, but more importantly has kept up the consistency! Kylie continues to grow and is constantly working on getting better! Kylie your kind spirit is much appreciated at 5ew!

Kylies’s Results:

  • Lost 13.8% body fat
  • Gained 3.6kg lean muscle
  • Terrible gastrointestinal issues solved

“James Is More Productive For His Business”

Run your own business? Feel highly stressed? Well, James does and he definitely was! He still dropped 11.1% and gained a whopping 14.3kg of muscle though!

When James started with Dave, the key objective was to peel back his layers of stress just like an onion. Upon investigation, it was found that James had a plethora of unwanted visitors in his gut. One of them was a parasite named Dientamoeba Fragilis. It invades the large intestine and can lead to long term issues like leaky gut and chronic fatigue. With problems like this, it was no wonder his resilience was poor. With multiple gut healing protocols, a switch in training structure and breathing exercises the inner goodness of the onion was revealing itself. James has dropped a huge 11.1% and gained a massive 14.3kg of muscle. He now feels amazing and is so much more productive for his business.

James Doyle’s Results:

  • Healed gut problems & embraced vitalising breathing techniques
  • Dropped 11.1% fat & gained massive 14.3kg muscle
  • Increased stress & resilience, boosted work productivity

“Meg Is Now Passing On Great Habits To The Most Important People In Her Life”

Do you want to create change that carries over to all aspects of your life?

Meet Meg! A transformation of epic proportions!

Meg lost a massive 17.7% body fat and put a good 8.1kg of lean muscle. But as with most people it’s what you don’t see that is the most impressive!

Meg Brear’s Results:

  • Lost 17.7% body-fat and gained 8.1kg of lean muscle
  • Transformed her relationship with food
  • Body Fat Dropped: 6%
  • Lean Muscle Gained: 4.1 kg
  • Chronic lower back pain now gone
  • Solved gastrointestinal issues Klebsiella
  • No more reflux and indigestion
  • No longer reliant on stimulants
  • Significantly more energy in mornings
  • Deals with anxiety better
  • No longer has limiting beliefs around nutrition
  • Reoccurring severe injuries resolved
  • Avoided shoulder reconstruction
  • Was under eating – now enjoys 2,700 calories on Training Days
  • Competed Strongman competition
  • Competed Bay Games
  • No bad bacterial issues
  • Massive increase in strength
  • Better good bacteria profile
  • No neurological issues anymore

“The pain you feel today, will be the strength you feel tomorrow.”

“Rick Has Made Considerable Improvements In His Goals And Overall Lifestyle Habits”

When Rick first came into 5th Element Wellness over a year ago, he came to us seeking help with his broken night’s sleep, restricted mobility and low energy levels. He was also unhappy with the state of his posture and instability through lack of strength, due to his condition (Parkinson’s Disease, which is a disorder of the nervous system. It results from damage to the nerve cells in a region of the brain that produces dopamine, a chemical that is vital for the smooth control of muscles and movement).

Through Rick’s ability to commit himself, focus on his goals and maintain consistency in his training and nutrition, he has achieved phenomenal results in his journey at 5th Element Wellness so far. Through coaching from Fletch, he has made considerable improvements in his goals and overall lifestyle habits.

Rick Perks’ Results:

  • Lost 8.2% body fat
  • Gained 2.7kg lean muscle mass
  • Improved quality of sleep (broken sleep to more complete nights)
  • Posture improvements (neck, shoulders & upper back)
  • Mobility improved to achieve a wall handstand hold
  • Increased energy levels

“Do You Think That The State Of Your Gut Has Little Bearing On Your Body Composition Results? Well, Think Again! Its Probably One Of The Most Significant Factors! Ask Ashley!!”

When Ashley came to Dave, he already had a good training background and had invested time into health. Yet he had really struggled to progress to where he wanted to be through the conventional means. What do most people do in this instance? Yep, they push themselves even harder! This had made Ashleys position even worse! Especially considering he had huge amounts of bacterial byproducts that were getting released into his internal system. Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth was one of these major issues that Ashley was dealing with. SIBO is generally made up of strains of E.Coli, Clostridium and Bacteroides. The first of these being associated with fat storing hormones, therefore potentially explaining whilst no matter what Ashley tried his body composition would not improve. Ashley has been on an extensive gut healing journey! It has required patience and dedication. Attributes Ashley has in abundance. With this the rewards have been visible outside and in!!

Ashleys’s Results:

  • Leanest he’s ever been
  • No bloating
  • Significant energy improvement

“Who Says Age Is A Barrier? Yannis Is 22.8 Kgs Lighter, 12.6% Less Body-Fat, But Has A Gut That Is Now As Clean As Whistle!”

Yannis doesn’t train 5 days week. This is because he also runs an amazing Seafood Restaurant called Argo’s that demands his attention! Yet Yannis has still got some outstanding results. Yannis and Dave were a great partnership! Yannis provided Dave with the best seafood going around Melbourne, and Dave provided Yannis with a complete renovation of his internal health environment. We got rid of some serious gut issues including SIBO and a nasty parasite called Blasto. Yannis now has renewed energy and is kicking some serious butt in the rowing world! With the combined team of Coach Paul and Dave, Yannis recently took out a Gold in the most recent World Masters! With Coach Paul having great experience in the athletic realms Yannis is sure to add more Gold to his collection! Being of Greek descent, there is no doubt that the Gods would be looking down at Yannis with pride!

Yannis’ Results:

  • Gut issues now rectified and energy levels increased
  • Recently won gold in worlds masters for rowing
  • Significant strength gains
  • Poor mobility that has improved out of sight

“Ask yourself if what you are doing today is getting you closer to where you want to be tomorrow.”

Let us guide you – enquire now.


“It’s so nice to find a gym where you don’t feel intimidated working out and all the trainers know your name and take a genuine interest in how you are going. This is one gym membership that I won’t be cancelling!”


“5ew is my place to escape. Whether I’m up for a hard session of resistance training or need some relaxation and refuge with yoga or a sauna this little sanctuary has it all. The warm social environment is so inviting and the knowledge the staff have of holistic health and wellness is second to none.”


“After 4 weeks I have noticed such an improvement in an injury that has caused me a lot of pain for more than 4 years. The best part has been the reaction from my myo – he was shocked at how my injury has improved.”


“By far the best gym experience I’ve ever had. So much more than a gym. Great lifestyle advice regarding nutrition and stress management, strength training tailored around my functional flaws, all guided by my dedicated personal trainer. I personally couldn’t speak more highly of this place and the staff.


“Absolutely love 5ew, the holistic approach, great atmosphere and awesome trainers makes it a place you never dread going to.”


“The equipment, amenities and atmosphere far exceed any gym that I have been to. Not to mention the staff, whose knowledge, professionalism and all round nature ensured that I was given the best chance to reach my fitness and body composition goals. Would recommend to anyone looking to take a holistic approach to their health.”


“I’ve been a member of 5EW for the last 12 months, best health and lifestyle decision I have ever made. For the 6 years prior I had memberships at various commercial and fad 24-hour gyms. Before I joined 5EW I thought I knew a lot about fitness from all the so-called ‘credible’ sources – TV, Internet, YouTube, magazines, word of mouth etc. How wrong I was.

In my first 6 months at 5EW I not only got better results than the previous 6 years combined,
more importantly I feel better than I ever have – they also provide ongoing support and knowledge on how to really change your lifestyle. Thanks Dave, Matt and the crew, and Reza – best PT in Melbourne.”


“I have been lucky enough to be a member of this club since it first opened in 2014. It has been without doubt the best experience I have had with any fitness centre that I have been a member. They really care on showing you how to have a healthy lifestyle, and always have time to share their immense knowledge. The equipment is premium and the Strongman classes always challenge and teach me, while remaining fun. I walk in for a workout, and leave feeling more inspired to reach my peak performance both physically and mentally. I am incredibly grateful to have found this club and look forward to continuing the journey with the 5th Element team.”


“Been a member since September 2014. Every time I head in its not a chore, its a choice and this is due to the fact that its an incredibly comfortable floor plan, there is no loud over bearing music just a chilled out space where you can work hard.

The staff are friendly and outgoing and always willing to lend a hand or an encouraging word when you need it. Results have been good and i have achieved things I didn’t initially set out to achieve and its taken me down the path of going for bigger goals

I recommend 5EW as the type of facility that’s not a gym it really is a wellness facility that aims to improve your overall health and well being.”


“World class! These guys and girls are all dedicated to the cause of making you as healthy as possible.


“Best. Amazing Trainers.”


“Best gym I’ve ever been to!!! Everyone is so friendly. I am the happiest and healthiest I’ve ever been! Go 5th Element!”


“I signed up 6 months ago and feel I am the strongest and healthiest that I have ever been. The team are fantastic, and I feel like they are just as committed to my health and wellbeing as I am. I highly recommend 5EW to anyone that is wanting to get great results from their training investment.”


“In a bid to return to sport following a knee reconstruction, I decided to look outside the underwhelming norms of strength and conditioning. It is here that I found 5th Element Wellness – and I haven’t looked back since! The equipment, amenities and atmosphere far exceed any gym that I have been to. Not to mention the staff, whose knowledge, professionalism and all round nature ensured that I was given the best chance to reach my fitness and body composition goals.”


“Love the warm welcoming atmosphere from the dedicated team of professionals. It’s worth the 30 minute drive for me as I live some distance away. Infrared sauna and yoga are both key attractions to me but the equipment and trainers are top class too.”


“5th Element Wellness is by far the best gym I have ever been to. World class gym facilities, a bouldering wall, yoga studio, sauna and nutrition bar make it possible for a whole-body experience. If you’re looking for a positive, nurturing and supportive community, this is the gym for you. Their holistic approach to health and well-being coupled with extremely passionate instructors makes every visit very rewarding!


“This is not a fluorescent-lit box filled with treadmills nor a sweaty pit of body building apes wanting to get as huge as possible. 5th element is a welcoming, healthy environment with friendly staff that have a balanced philosophy for physical and mental well-being. It’s been a pleasure to be educated and motivated by people who really care!”


“5th Element is a brand new awesome friendly environment to get fit and healthy and it’s the only gym I’ve actually wanted to go back to regularly. The staff remember your name and everything is geared towards a holistic approach to your health/fitness giving you every chance to get the most out of a gym like diet advice, one on one PT, smoothies, shakes, green drinks, yoga, sauna etc.”


“Highly recommended gym with specialised machinery not usually seen in conventional gym. The infrared heated yoga room set this gym apart.”


“5EW caters for everything I need, deadlifts, squats, bench, climbing wall + yoga and an infrared sauna! They have Coconut butter or cold pressed organic coffee for before your session and Apple Cider Vinegar or Chlorophyll afterwards, they really have thought of everything (even a fresh juice/smoothie bar) I highly recommend it.”


“5th Element is unlike any other gym I’ve been to. The facilities are first class and the staff are all very friendly. I am greeted by name every time I walk in which makes you feel at home, and they are all genuinely focused on getting you results.”

“The obvious loss of body fat was what I saw initially, but the change in diet and eating habits have made me feel lighter, as in not bogged down and sluggish. I am more confident in the way I move, and excited to try different training techniques instead of  feeling intimidated by them.”
“I’ve had loads of gym memberships over the years; from Fitness First to the local testosterone grunting gym.  5EW is in another league. From the holistic and individualistic approach to training to the OCD attention to detail and top of the range facilities.”
“Having been a member of numerous gyms over the years, I can honestly say there’s nothing quite like 5th Element Wellness. Becoming a member has really been a holistic lifestyle choice, and the best investment I’ve ever made for my health.”
“Going to 5th Element Wellness is a pleasure rather than a chore. I always feel welcome and not just like another number. The yoga studio has a really nice, relaxing vibe, and the infra red panels provide a gentle heat which really helps my yoga practice.”
“5th Element is the epitome of accessible, informative and realistic health and wellness. It’s an environment of no judgement, support and is at the forefront of fitness innovation. They have set the benchmark for new and existing entrants to the market.”